You know this is mental toughness when…

Sometimes mental toughness takes unusual forms. Here are some subtle signs that you either were mentally tough or your mental toughness is about to be tested.

You know it’s a mental toughness run when…

  • Your toenails look like jelly beans after your run.
  • You are exhaling chunks of body materials instead of air.
  • You are incontinent and you don’t know it.
  • You have Bloody Nipple Syndrome and it’s only the first mile of a marathon.
  • You think you’re sprinting and the guy with the limp and the lady with the walker just passed you.
  • You hear an ambulance siren and don’t realize until you are on the stretcher that it was coming for you.
  • You find yourself face down on the pavement and the molten tar and road rash feel like relief.

Copyright 2005 RxRunning & Racing – Coach Dean

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