What is Mental Toughness?

There are many interpretations and personal views of what mental toughness is. It can be the ability to endure discomfort; the ability stay focused in the midst of a bad performance; the ability to persist where others quit; the ability to stand the pressure of the moment; the ability to ignore distractions; or the ability to bounce back from adversity and disappointments. These are just examples of how people view mental toughness.

Regardless of how you define mental toughness the good news is that it is an ability! True, some individuals may have more of a predisposition for being mentally tough but without getting too deep into a debate about the nature versus nurture and personalities; the fact is it is an ability and it is trainable.

This is not some psycho-babble think positive platitude. Becoming mentally tough and resilient is relatively simple. But it is difficult! Think about it, if it were easy then everyone would be mentally tough. We all know better than that.

This site is about becoming mentally tough – not just in sports but at work and in life.


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