The Real Challenge II

I really think people take on the wrong challenge.

You’ve heard someone say he/she wants to run a certain race for the challenge of it? They love the challenge. Right? It’s actually an interesting claim and one that is misplaced. Follow me for a moment.

  1. If you love a challenge then you enjoy things that are difficult not easy (comparatively) to attain. Right?
  2. The bigger the challenge the more gratifying it is to pursue. Right?
  3. If you can make that challenge even more challenging than the reward is even greater. Right?
  4. So, stop training. Enter your race. Just go for it. Now you have optimized your challenge and increased your pay off. (Not to mention you saved a bunch of time you would otherwise waste on training.)

It is in the everyday challenge that people fail.

The irony of course is that the challenge of some race is not the real challenge for most people. I meet many people in my business who love setting a “challenging” goal. (Some whom are in fact urged to do so by so-called motivation gurus or in seminars.) But they completely miss the boat. Why? Because they are not willing to take on the real challenge.

  • The challenge is in fact doing the training.
  • The challenge is in following a training program and not skipping workouts.
  • The challenge is in maintaining sound nutrition through out your training program.
  • The challenge is in doing your exercises, drills, and cross training to stay healthy along the way.
  • The challenge is in not making excuses.
  • The challenge is in finding ways to get everything done that will optimize your conditioning for race day.

And if you are pursuing the challenge of running PRs, winning age groups and the like, you aren’t exempt!

  • The challenge is in doing the workouts you need instead of enjoy.
  • The challenge is in doing all the things to stay uninjured for continuity of training and progress.

It is in the everyday challenge that people fail. It is this challenge that we should embrace. The race should be graduation day. The race should be a celebration of taking on all the challenges along the way to arrive at the starting line fully ready to take on the race and be successful.

Need help with overcoming the REAL challenge? Trouble committing to doing what you need to do to reach your goal? Drop me a line. I can help.

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