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Will Power & Outcomes

“Self-control, known colloquially as willpower, refers to the mental processes that allow people to override any of their thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that compete with their overarching goals.” I wanted to highlight two points that are part of a sound mental game regardless of your goals. Though a bit long and academic for the average person

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Monday is the Day

Jawbone published exercise data from more than 100,000 people over a 12 month period. Interestingly (or not) it reveals that Monday is biggest workout day. And the rest of the week is downhill from there. In the USAToday article Monica Rogati from Jawbone states, “There’s a new week resolution effect. People are pumped about their

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Sometimes Just Shut Up

If someone close to you has been sidelined from sports for an extended period of time, I’ll bet you’ve tried to cheer them up. Haven’t you searched for magic words or advice could make things better? I watched an interesting video recently of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Professional Ballroom Dancer, who survived the Boston Marathon bombings where she lost

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Youth Runners – Is Mental Game Training Needed?

[I will soon be releasing a white paper on mental game training and youth runners. This is a portion of what is presented.] Here are several common questions and some comments I have overheard on the topic of youth runners, performance and the role of their mental game: My coach says it’s all in my head.

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