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Sometimes Just Shut Up

If someone close to you has been sidelined from sports for an extended period of time, I’ll bet you’ve tried to cheer them up. Haven’t you searched for magic words or advice could make things better? I watched an interesting video recently of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Professional Ballroom Dancer, who survived the Boston Marathon bombings where she lost

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3-Step Distraction Control

In the last post I gave an overview of how distractions decrease performance. Multitasking  is really organized distraction and actually decreases performance by 40%. Multi-tasking is only an illusion of increasing productivity. Instead of a full focus on a single task, we attempt to focus on one task and refocus on another (repeatedly). One task is a

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Performance Declines with Distractions

Dealing with distractions is a part of life. Effectively doing so however is infrequent. It’s not really new news but ongoing research demonstrates the negative effects of distractions and multi-tasking. Researchers have found that switching from one task to another makes it difficult to tune out distractions and can cause mental blocks that can slow down

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