Runners Round Table – Excuses

Part of being mentally tough is avoiding excuses. Mentally tough athletes (or people in general) FIND ways to get things done instead of make excuses NOT to get things done.

You can catch a program recorded on excuse making – tune in to the Runners Round Table. It’s an online podcast talk show on, for and by runners. Take a listen to #41. It’s recorded and you can now download this recent show.

We talked about excuses. Who knows – maybe yours was highlighted. It was a lively talk about excuse making and overcoming excuses not to get that workout done.

Haven’t you wondered how some people just get it done while others find ways not to get it done? Did you know in a national survey on fitness found that non-exercisers biggest excuse for not working out was lack of time? The survey also determined that there was no ACTUAL difference of free time for exercisers and non-exercisers!

You’ll find all the details here:
The Runners Roundtable, where runners from around the world share tips, tell stories, and keep each other motivated. Pull up a chair and join us, at the table.

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