Road to Return to Action – Requires Taking Action!

One of the keys to expediting a return to your sport while injured or sick is our attitude and mental focus. It has been shown that those who demonstrate a more positive outlook and learn to focus on controlling the controllables recover faster. It has also been shown that those with clear goals to move towards will be more likely to take the right actions to get there.

The foundation to that expedited return are goals. Goals are realistic with a timetable and based in the reality of your situation – not how you necessarily wish things to progress. These goals need to be clear about what you are moving towards as well as with complete supporting process goals to be effective in providing a roadmap to your destination and fortify your motivation to get through the “other side”… and back to action.

Two thirds of all runners and triathletes will be injured this year necessitating at least a couple of weeks off as a result. Numbers can be higher in contact sports. If you are one of those statistics tell me:

  • What are you doing about your injury or illness?
  • How are you coming back?

Injuries, Illness, Rehab, and your return to action takes – action! Sitting idly by waiting isn’t getting you there any sooner. But, working on your mental game NOW helps you recover faster AND sets the foundation for a mental toughness when you are back IN action.

If you are…

  • Injured
  • Suffering from a chronic illness
  • In rehabilitation phase or physical therapy
  • Attempting to come back to sports
  • Disappointed or depressed over your progress
  • Taking longer with rehabilitation than anticipated
  • Unsure you will come back to your former self
  • Fearful of re-injury
  • Making others miserable being around you and your moodiness and crankiness
  • Filled with doubts, anger, fears, depression, self-image issues
  • …or if you are a coach, teammate, physical therapist, or trainer you will benefit by becoming more effective with your athletes!

...then you need help with your back to action mental game!

I have designed a mental game assessment specific to injured, recovering, rehabbing athletes. It helps pinpoint exactly the area you should focus on to improve your “mental toughness” as related to your rehabilitation and current condition. And the research is clear that your mental attitudes NOW, while out of commission, will directly influence the rate of your recovery and return to action.

For personalized mental game training in sports and business:

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