Here are references, downloads and links to Coach Dean’s publications.

“Coach I didn’t run because…”

This book takes a serious as well as lighthearted look at making excuses in health, fitness and life in general. A complete list of excuses would be endless but this book sure is a good start! Categorized lists facilitate excuse making. It’s excuse making by the number! From the ridiculous to the fantastic, from real to imagined and from sad to hilarious… this book captures the very essence of excuse making.¬†Then, get serious and get over it. Learn three foolproof techniques for getting past excuses and just doing it. The book is spiced up with personal stories from every day athletes who just get it done. You will learn from their inspiring stories and realize that you too can be an excuse-buster!

Runs on the Run

it can happen to the best of us. You either are a runner or know a runner who just couldn’t hold it. It is not a case of mind over matter. It is a case of bodily functions taking command when you least expect it, least want it and are least prepared for it. This is a humorous as well as instructional book about experiencing, dealing with and gaining control over having the runs while running. Written by a runner for runners. The anecdotes alone are worth the price of the book. Warning: This book is not PC. It calls it what it is.

Screw the Goals Give me the Donut

This is not your father’s guide to goal setting! This is goal setting for success at whatever you do based in research and practice from the best! Written by a nationally recognized leader in mental game coaching it inspires but without psycho-babble and rah-rah. Instead a humorous goals for the cynic approach is used in conveying this fail-proof system. OK, I lied. Of course you could fail. There are never guarantees. At least give yourself a chance to succeed. Stop muddling around. Stop making excuses. Stop fearing success or failure. Stop just moving through life wondering if there is more. Start taking action by reading this book. In the end, if you don’t like it, sit there and have another donut. At least you will have been entertained for awhile.


Focus4Fitness is a power packed ebook showing you how to use the power of focus control to get fit and stay fit. You’ll learn the keys to eliminating and coping with distractions while finding the perfect focus to just get that workout done or get the right nutrition. Follow the same techniques and strategies that elite and professional athletes use all the time to have a laser focus and to set yourself up to be “in the zone” – that mental and physical state in which you perform at your best almost effortlessly. Take your first step to getting the right mindset with this ebook.

Head Games and Youth Runners (contact Coach Dean for your FREE copy)

This white paper is the culmination of years of data collection and interviews with youth runners, parents and coaches. It outlines the current status of mental game training and application as well as approaches for improvement. The optimal time to teach mental techniques and skills is while learning athletics. It helps athletes practice smarter not just harder. Mental skills help athletes be disciplined, resilient, focused, appropriately intense and emotionally in control. These are life skills not just sports skills that should not wait until an athlete is 5, 10 or more years into their athletic careers. Coaches, parents and athletes need to have a unified, effective and psychologically sound approach to bridge this gap.

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