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Mission Accomplished: “Just finished. Solid swims. Executed everything. I’m on the team! Thank you so much.” Monica V. – member of US National Senior Synchronized Swim team
Mission Accomplished: “I’m a national champion. I got Gold! I practiced everything we’ve been doing.” Susan Adams-Loyd – Indoor Track & Field National 400 meter Champion & 60 meter Bronze medalist (55)
Mission Accomplished: “Jim achieved his goal of becoming the SKUSA S5 Shifter National Champion! He overcame adversity and near crashes but was able to refocus, persist and be just as mentally tough as he was physically tough.” Mike McKinney – Parent of Jim McKinney – National Champion
Mission Accomplished Times Three: “Good news: I ran a half marathon in Golden Gate Park Sunday and clocked 1:35:49, a personal best. Last year at the same race I ran 1:39:50. Four minutes! I credit my newfound mental strength. I wasn’t as fit as last year, but less afraid of risk and pain. Thank you!” Update 10/12 – “I realized I could get in under 1:35 if I pushed to hold that 7 minute pace so did. Lots of talking to myself to stay relaxed, just hold it together. So I feel my greatest lessons continue to be mental.” Michelle Hamilton, Runner’s World contributing journalist
Mission Accomplished: “I finally came upon “Coach Dean” who of all things, specializes in running. But, I liked his writing and loved his approach. Best of all, he’s the only coach I’ve seen in ANY sport who’s flexible enough to work WITH me and not act as an all-knowing oracle. Even if you do zero endurance work, his advice on mental toughness and other “life lessons” is well worth the read.” Gary B. Smith, top ranked US masters time trial cyclist.
Mission Accomplished: “My first podium finish in a national level race! I drove aggressive and stayed focused!” Jim McKinney – SKUSA S5 Shifter National Champion – Jim McKinney – National Rank #1
Mission Accomplished: “I feel like I have no limits and I plan to turn pro in MMA within the next year. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the mental game coaching of Dean Hebert.” Nolan Hyland
Mission Accomplished: “Scotty won the whole camp! He is on the “A” team for Canada thanks for your help! ” Jay – Parent of youth elite cyclist

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