Raves & References III

AExecutive Coach & Consultant

“Dean is ‘client-centered’, he is responsive to my needs, Dean’s positive and encouraging demeanor are uplifting and very motivating. I am impressed by his excellent communication skills, and ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. Dean is a great problem-solver, but effectively uses the Socratic method to empower me to find my own solutions.” Heidi Schmaltz M.D., Personal Coaching Client

“Dean possesses not simply expertise in the technical aspects of athletic performance as well but also has a knack for the motivational portion of his client’s training. Rather than direct instruction, he works in tandem with his clients to find the best solutions to attain their goals. Dean is a unique asset for anyone looking for way to improve performance and realize new levels of productivity.” C.J. Schexnayder

“To me he is indeed the “Dean” of coaches. I’ve had many different coaches, instructors, and leaders in my life and no one measures up to the expertise and passion he possesses and shares with every single one of athletes.” Nick Veglia – Athlete

“Because I’ve been privileged enough to observe Coach Dean in a variety of settings, I can say confidently that this is a reflection of his coaching style. His ability to relate to people of all ages allows him to be lighthearted and funny with the kids, yet poised and competent with the adults and the elite. He’s not the type of coach you would fear, but rather respect. He is also especially intuitive to the specific needs of others; you’ll feel at ease when talking to him because you know he is truly listening to you, and he always provides valuable insight. As a result, I look to him as a mentor for all areas of life and not just running.” Jessie Klein, Athlete & ASU Physical Therapy Student.

“Dean exceeded all requirements and expectations. Dean’s ability to synthesize information/goals and then articulate an original approach to meeting those goals. His insight into our program was wonderful. Dean’s energy and organization. He was always on top of the project, outlining what goals had been met and where we needed to go next.” Susan Irwin MLS, (SIRLS)

“Our goal is to bring new employees quickly to a basic level of competency and enhance the skills, abilities and knowledge required for improved job performance all the while maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies. Dean possesses a knack for clearly communicating specific objectives and end results in a clear and succinct manner. He articulates well and presents often times complicated issues in a logical, user-friendly fashion. His ability to interject humor in sometimes difficult situations is one of his many assets. While in class, he is always in control as he prepares himself ahead of time, knows his audience at the same time encouraging debate and the sharing of ideas. Dean is an enthusiastic, take-charge person who has an extensive network of associates from which to draw upon. I have no problem stating that Dean would be an asset to your organization.” Nancy Esala, (Supervisor of Training Programs – BSL)

“I carry with me new confidence. I printed your email note to take with me Friday for race weekend. Regroup, refocus, in the moment. Yes. Listen to my power voice (not my devil voice). I know I’m ready. Thanks again for all your help and guidance!” – Michelle Hamilton, Client

“Every workout with Coach Dean is a confidence boost. That’s just what happens when you’re performing for someone who genuinely believes in you, and your ability to succeed – even when nobody else does. And especially when you don’t. But when Dean tells you that you can do something, he means it. And that’s something that is far more powerful than most people realize”. Taylor de Laveaga, Seattle University

“Who is Coach Dean? I might be going out on a limb here but I see the answer being somewhere between Joe Newton and Rene Descartes. Not only his ability to teach others, but his ability to inspire athletes, is what puts him at the level of iconic coaches. He encourages his athletes to leave their hearts out on the playing fields, promising they’ll get them back in better condition than how they left them. Through the many years of workings with coach Dean there is one thing I’m sure of: he doesn’t realize the magnificent impact he’s had on all his athletes. The beauty of this is not his humility, but rather that he doesn’t settle for anything less than great and promises to everyone, that we should expect nothing less of him either.” Katie Miller, BS Genetics, Coach, Mentee

“Dean’s service & support beyond compare!! He is beyond just helpful. He meetings and sessions are always on-time and on-target, professional, and demonstrates tremendous empathy for clients.” Rock Gonsalves, Executive Coaching Client

“Coach Dean does a fabulous job at bringing everyone together and helping everyone individually grow. Coach Dean is more than a running coach, he is my life coach. He really helps to lay out things in different perspectives and helps me to analyze the options and choices that are in front of me. For example, when deciding what college I wanted too attend, Coach Dean was there for me every step of the way to make sure I was doing what I wanted. Every moment with him discussing these important matters helped me get to where I am at now and I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done. He is always so welcoming and always there for others. His friendliness, goofiness, honesty, and knowledge has helped me to be the person I am today. Choosing to work with Coach Dean has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.” Kimmie Wangrycht, OSU Student

As University Faculty

“Thank you Dean for being and excellent and passionate teacher. I can only hope that I will have teachers as inspiring as you down the road. I will definitely see you at graduation!”Dean Hebert is a fantastic instructor. His presentation of the material was engaging and he offered insight you could not get anywhere else. He is absolutely an asset to the University. Again, Dean Hebert was great. I can’t imagine getting as much out of this course with someone else.” MT, Undergraduate in Business

“Now that grades are posted and this can not misunderstood as a selfless attempt to suck up to the instructor, I wanted to say thank you. It was 12 years before I returned to finish my degree. The first time around was through traditional schooling in the California University system. Read and regurgitate is not my style of learning. Now that I have found the University of Phoenix I have found a style of learning that best suits me. But I want to thank you for being a outstanding instructor that really cares about what they are teaching and the success of your students. Maybe if I had more teachers like you back in the day I would have found my way through college the first time.” Anonymous College Student – end of course survey

“Dean was great. He was enthusiastic and great at getting the class involved in the learning process. I’m very impressed and I learned a lot!” Anonymous College Student – end of course survey

“Dean is a great instructor with a ton of knowledge and experience in communications. He is very informative and I truly enjoyed taking his class. He is an asset to UOP faculty and I look forward to taking more classes from him.”  Anonymous College Student – end of course survey Com285

“Dean was an excellent instructor! I feel that his teaching techniques and his ability to bridge the gap between teacher and student is a rare and valuable quality. Excellent class!!!”  Anonymous College Student – end of course survey Com285

“Dean Hebert is a fantastic instructor. His presentation of the material was engaging and he offered insight you could not get anywhere else. He is absolutely an asset to the University. Again, Dean Hebert was great. I can’t imagine getting as much out of this course with someone else.” Anonymous College Student – end of course survey

“Exceeded my expectations. This class should be incorporated into the capstone. Was the most helpful in my entire curriculum. Dean is an excellent teacher. I learned a great deal from all activities.” Anonymous College Student – end of course survey


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