Raves & References II


 garybsmithrace“You are FAR AND AWAY not only the finest coach, but also one of the classiest guys around. Considering we did everything virtually, the bond I felt with you was tremendous. Others talk a good game, but your focus on what it takes to be GREAT is superb.” Gary B. Smith, “The Chartmaker”, Client



“The closest word to describe my experience with Coach Dean is “amazing”, but this doesn’t begin to say how much I have benefited from his coaching. I have become a better person because of his example. Coach Dean is the perfect mentor every young athlete should have. Jake Schriener, High School Runner (Duke University)



“I’m back to #1. My confidence is improving. I know I can do it. Just one shot at a time right?” Kyan P., State Ranked Youth Golfer  

Life Lessons


“Your coaching really stuck with me. I made your workouts a staple of my training for the past few years and I still continue to improve. I just ran a sub-20 5k for the first time – 19:39. Five minutes faster than when I started when I was when 5-10 190# I’m now 6-2 180#. I had to let you know that you are critical to my progress to this day and I wanted to call you and let you know you have improved my life.” Ben Brown



“I’ll always remember Coach Dean standing at the 25-mile mark of the IMS Arizona Marathon on Valentine’s Day 2010 when I ran past him yelling “BQ in the BAG” as I qualified my first Boston Marathon.” Christina H.



“Dean, you will be happy to know my son is on fire. He won his first match 4 and 2. He just backed off a 20 yard pitch shook his head and then chipped in for eagle. He said it was the mental stuff you did. He caught himself thinking about other things.” Mike D., Youth Golfer Parent



“We have made great progress since working with you. Her win ratio was at 41%. Since, she’s won 65% of her matches with (2) of the wins against players she had not been able to beat previously and no back-to-back losses. We look forward to continue our partnership with you in the future.” Fabrice.D., Youth Tennis Parent



“When you learn that you are capable of so much more & have someone who believes in you like Coach Dean and helps you work towards that goal, it changes your life.” Sam B., Athlete



“Thank you for all your help, guidance and for everything you’ve done for me these last few years. I would not have come this far or have the confidence that I will go much farther had it not been for your patience and wisdom.Taylor de Laveaga, Client, NCAA D-I Scholarship.



“Coach Dean’s ability to inspire people, is what puts him at the level of iconic coaches. If greatness is
measured by the miles a man has walked, Dean will do you one better and run there.” Katie M., Mentee & Coach



“Thank you SO much Dean. Seriously, my legs wouldn’t have moved as well without you today. I appreciate the mental coaching – it gave me the focus and something to hold onto until the finish.” Jan Lockett, multi-event and multi-year Masters All-American



“I went back out for my second practice and I never got off focus. By doing everything (you taught me) and staying 100% focused I dropped 5 seconds a lap. Everything you taught me really works! Thank you!” Odin B., National Circuit Motocross Client



“I just wanted to say I really appreciate all of the coaching you do for people. I’ve learned so much from you that I could apply to my running as well as my everyday life.” JJ.A., Athlete



“You’ve got his attention, Dean. I am very impressed with the simplicity of what you write to him. It is spot on! He is happier playing better basketball than he has been in some time.” Alicia S., (Parent of JHS basketball player)



“From racing inconsistency to SKUSA S5 Shifter National Champion. My first podium finish in a national level race! I drove aggressive and stayed focused!” Jim McKinney – National Rank #1


steph p

“Meeting with Coach Dean is always amazing. He knows how to push me, set realistic goals and he believes in me. I’m telling the world – you want an amazing coach seek out Coach Dean . Thank you for helping me get to where I am today.” Stephanie Peabody – Client

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