Monday is the Day

Jawbone published exercise data from more than 100,000 people over a 12 month period. Interestingly (or not) it reveals that Monday is biggest workout day. And the rest of the week is downhill from there. In the USAToday article Monica Rogati from Jawbone states, “There’s a new week resolution effect. People are pumped about their workout, going to the gym. As it goes by, people slowly drop the routine.”

It does underscore a fundamental mental game weakness to working out, exercise, dieting (oh… and life). It is a clean slate – clean start attitude. Erase what is and start over. Unfortunately, our patterned lives want cleanly defined starts. Therefore Mondays, firsts of months, firsts of years, and beginnings of seasons become default starts. It is a ‘new week resolution” approach indeed.

This is the rationalizations that most people employ. If we aren’t doing well this week on our workouts; we’re far behind our miles run/walked or workouts completed; then we want to wash it away. Common views are:

  • I didn’t work out this morning so the day is lost anyway… maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • I’m not going to hit my weekly goal so I’ll just start over on Monday.
  • I’m not up to it right now but it’s my New Year’s resolution.

As you can see this mental game phenomenon plays out on different levels. It’s not my morning so just scratch the day. It’s a bad month so I’ll get started next month. It’s a bad season I’ll just get back at it next season. It’s not been my year so just wait until the New Year.

Starting over is a good thing. Delaying your restart is not. The accepted and long term effective approach is: starting over starts now.

So try these start over mental approaches:

  • Haven’t hit my workout goals and struggling: I’m going to see how I can close this session out and practice mental toughness. (Remember, mental toughness is not displayed on your good days, it is demonstrated on your worst of days.)
  • Wasn’t with it this morning: I’ll give it a go this afternoon.
  • Bad week: I can redeem myself the rest of the week.
  • Going to miss my monthly workout goals: I’ll use this last week to launch myself into a great next month.
  • New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to get going now in the last weeks of this year to kick start my new year.

The point is that your start-over starts immediately. Don’t put it off. Delayed start-overs is delayed progress, delayed success. Get back out there now without delay. Make everyday your Monday.


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