Member Feedback Community Guidelines
Feedback and Participation Etiquette Standards

Everyone comes to a community with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Part of a vibrant growth-promoting community counts on this diversity of perspectives. To assist each individual to optimize their experience these guidelines are set forth.

Forum Feedback

Forum Topics are designated to help focus discussions as well as enable community members to search for responses related to their issue or subject matter. Personal experiences, scenarios as well as points and counter-points are encouraged.

  • Keep discussions to the topic area.
  • New topics that arise through discussion can occur. Please start a new thread when this occurs.

Assignment and Comment Posts

Only share what you are comfortable sharing. At times there will be sensitive information shared. Though “sensitive” is subjective (what is sensitive in nature to one person is not to another) everyone must respect what is being shared.

  • Do not share confidential information.
  • Highlight situations or experiences you have had and are willing to share.
  • Unless it is about a public figure – do not name names.
  • All information shared in this community is done so at your own risk. However, please respect everyone’s privacy and not share content about other members outside our community.

Assignment or Situation Feedback
Conversations and feedback by members as well as from Coach Dean to members something that makes this membership community unique.

  • Everyone’s point of view is valid. Please share.
  • Ask questions for clarification and to promote learning and insights by the member-poster. This promotes deeper analysis, introspection and understanding.
  • Refrain from using full names in posts.
  • Never attack, put down, minimize or denigrate someone’s experience.

Meaningful Feedback Guidelines

Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations and personal experience and knowledge.

  • Avoid “need to” and “should” phrases, which send implied messages and a lecturing overtone.
  • Avoid general comments (“toughen up”, “just ignore it”) and offer concrete examples (“visualize before…”, “find a task relevant cue to focus on”). Better yet, offer how you specifically handle it (“I like to focus on my breathing when…”).
  • In positive feedback situations, express appreciation.
  • In negative feedback situations, express opinions, ideas, and thoughts without sarcasm or personal attack. Your tone will color the message.
  • State your observations, not interpretations. Interpretations are lessons in mind reading. Observations have a far more factual and nonjudgmental aspect than do interpretations.
  • Be direct but be tactful. Tell what you noticed, not what you think of it. Directness is not the same as being rude, confrontive or argumentative. Honest does not mean tactless.
  • Own your comments. Do not relate third-party feedback.
  • Express support and understanding.
  • Remember that your suggestions are just that – your suggestions. What works for you may not work for someone else.
  • Use communication softeners when making recommendations.

“What do you think if you…”
“How about trying to…”
“Maybe XXXX is worth a try?”
“I did this XXX maybe it would work for you too?”


  • Do respect other’s opinions and experiences.
  • Do think before you post.
  • Do express appreciation for feedback and sharing of experiences and perspectives.
  • Do be tactful.
  • Do use discretion in sharing information.
  • Do maintain confidentiality.
  • Do re-read your comments before you post.


  • Don’t give feedback at all if you can’t think of a constructive purpose for giving it.
  • Don’t USE ALL CAPS in your posts.
  • Don’t attack, put down, minimize or denigrate someone’s experience
  • Don’t post comments that can be construed in a negative light regarding race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

These guidelines will be updated from time to time.

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