How to Deal with Coach Dean

Things You Should Know About Coach

1. Do not cheat on your reps; Coach always knows, and will make you suffer.
2. Do not cut corners on courses; Coach knows all, you’ll run it all over again.
3. Do not feign giving effort; Coach will know… he will make you puke.
4. Never exaggerate your pain; he will only make it worse.
5. If you say you’re ready to vomit, he’ll assign just enough reps to make sure it happens.
6. Never complain about a workout; it makes Coach happy, he will only do it more often.
7. Never lie to Coach about how your recent runs have gone; he will know the truth and he will make sure the truth will hurt you.
8. Never tell Coach you can’t run any faster; if necessary, coach will drag you tied behind his car to achieve the right pace and just call it “over-speed” training.
9. There is no such thing as too much wind, hills or heat; however, if there were such things, more of each will arranged.
10. Never complain about hill workouts; Coach will assign a steeper hill and add sufficient reps to make you puke.
11. Never reveal that your legs feel like rubber and you’re glad the workout is almost done; Coach will invariably add reps and increase the pace.
12. Never complain about the relay baton workout; Coach will make sure you end up with the long rep every time.
13. Never complain about the distance, pace or number of reps in a workout; Coach will add exercises between each just for good measure.
14. Never puke in front of Coach; Coach likes it and will only give you more of what caused it.
15. Never complain about the person you have been told to keep up with during a workout; Coach will assign you to the next faster person.
16. Never lose count of how many reps you have done; Coach will come up with a number which yields twice the workout.
17. Never say you can’t; you’ll do it anyway.
18. Never say it was easy; Coach will make it harder.
19. Never say you want to go home; Coach will make it longer.
20. Never lose count; Coach will have you start over again.
21. Never complain; coach never listens.
22. Never argue; coach always wins.
23. Never scream; it only encourages Coach.
24. Never look like you’re enjoying it; Coach will put a stop to it.
25. Never hold your breath, if you pass out and die; Coach is certified in CPR and will revive you just so you can do it all over again.

Just thought you might like to know these valuable insights. Upward and onward!

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