Competitive Mindsets

Building on discussions we had at camp here is a video that further discusses competitive mental game aspects. Coach Joe and I have a discussion about the racing mindset. Every high school cross country runner will learn plenty from this short video – OK maybe even the seasoned road warrior too!

Desert Series Episode 20 – Racing to Win from Joe English on Vimeo.

After viewing this you have to ask yourself several questions.
What are your strengths? Leading? Following? Kicking? Hill running? Downhill running? Gutting it out?

You must know yourself before you can exploit someone else’s weaknesses. This is not about your ego and merely stating “I can beat so-and-so.” This is real candid assessment of your strengths. And it’s about having the focus, patience and guts to carry out a plan!

Before you enter your season work on your strengths as well as weaknesses. Your competition wants to beat you as much as you do them.

Take a look at the whole series of videos that Coach Joe from Portland OR and I put together.

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