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Overcoming Obstacles

There is no athlete who hasn’t had to overcome an obstacle. Big or small it’s a matter of perception. Overcome obstacles by changing what you focus on. It’s within your control. Season 2 – Episode 23 — Overcoming Obstacles from Joe English on Vimeo.

Hypnosis and Running: Part II

This is my second post on the use of hypnosis as a performance enhancing aid to your running (athletic) performance. I’ll start this with a couple terms that have all kinds of connotations to people – most often negative. Hypnotherapists and writings on hypnotherapy use terms like “hypnotic state” or “trance”. No worries. It just

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Competitive Mindsets

Building on discussions we had at camp here is a video that further discusses competitive mental game aspects. Coach Joe and I have a discussion about the racing mindset. Every high school cross country runner will learn plenty from this short video – OK maybe even the seasoned road warrior too! Desert Series Episode 20

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