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Can I Use a Mental Game Technique to Be Mentally Tough?

Mental game techniques encompass aspects of goal setting, focus and refocusing cues, visualization/imagery, performance triggers and cues, reframing, relaxation, process goals, confidence builders, affirmations, emotion control, dealing with fears, personal motivators – and much more. Each of these have many techniques and skills to master. And all of these encompass the concept of mental toughness. So,

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Get Good in Practice to Get Good in Competition

[Note: Though the examples in this post are about runners, all comments as it applies to the mental game are true for all sports.] Here is a finding from research on one aspect of mental game training – the effect of an athlete’s excitation – or “arousal level” as they say on sports performance. Complex however

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Do I need a Mental Game Coach or am I just Crazy?

Recently I had a couple athletes mention to me that they weren’t sure if mental game coaching was warranted for them. They alluded to must being “abnormal” or “kinda crazy” if someone would need a mental game coach. It’s a curious stigma attached to mental game coaching field. Mental game coaching, mental toughness coaching, or

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Blending Mental Game Training with Interval Workouts

Too often athletes leave the mental game as an afterthought or leave it out completely from their training. They expect that on competition day they’ll just be “tougher” and be able to have those break through performances – like magic. They key is to integrate mental game training into your workouts. When you train to

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