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Control and Not Control Video

All too often athletes think about and focus on things they do not control. And these very things cause stress, anxiety and decrease performance. In this video Coach Joe and I have a guest athlete, Jan Lockett who tells us her approach to dealing with anxiety before big races. Whether it’s running, putting, shooting, swinging…

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Hypnosis and Running: Part III – What a session involves

The process for hypnosis is simple and there is nothing magic about it. Before you begin, the hypnotherapist should do a thorough interview and you both should be comfortable with each other before you proceed. If you are not comfortable with your hypnotherapist you will have a far greater difficulty (or possibly fail at) getting

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Hypnosis and Running: Part II

This is my second post on the use of hypnosis as a performance enhancing aid to your running (athletic) performance. I’ll start this with a couple terms that have all kinds of connotations to people – most often negative. Hypnotherapists and writings on hypnotherapy use terms like “hypnotic state” or “trance”. No worries. It just

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