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Focus starts with Focus

I can’t tell you how often I get inquiries to help get someone to “focus better”. The problem is deeper and broader than something like “keep your eye on the ball”, or “count your breaths”, or “use your cue phrase”. Focus requires a focus. It requires a comprehensive concentration on your ultimate goal. So before

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Youth Runners – Is Mental Game Training Needed?

[I will soon be releasing¬†a white paper on mental game training and youth runners. This is a portion of what is presented.] Here are several common questions and some comments I have overheard on the topic of youth runners, performance and the role of their mental game: My coach says it’s all in my head.

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Can I Use a Mental Game Technique to Be Mentally Tough?

Mental game techniques encompass aspects of goal setting, focus and refocusing cues, visualization/imagery, performance triggers and cues, reframing, relaxation, process goals, confidence builders, affirmations, emotion control, dealing with fears, personal motivators Рand much more. Each of these have many techniques and skills to master. And all of these encompass the concept of mental toughness. So,

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Do I need a Mental Game Coach or am I just Crazy?

Recently I had a couple athletes mention to me that they weren’t sure if mental game coaching was warranted for them. They alluded to must being “abnormal” or “kinda crazy” if someone would need a mental game coach. It’s a curious stigma attached to mental game coaching field. Mental game coaching, mental toughness coaching, or

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What is Mental Toughness?

There are many interpretations and personal views of what mental toughness is. It can be the ability to endure discomfort; the ability stay focused in the midst of a bad performance; the ability to persist where others quit; the ability to stand the pressure of the moment; the ability to ignore distractions; or the ability

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